GTA Vice City APP - Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game

 GTA Vice City was created in 2002 by Rockstar Games Company. Everyone knows about GTA Vice City Because everyone played GTA Vice City. GTA Vice City runs on PC with very low specifications. This is why everyone has played GTA Vice City. Grand Theft Auto Vice City game's Main Character name is Tommy Vercetti. In GTA Vice City you get car racing Mission helicopter missions Ship Missions and Many More adventure Missions. GTA Vice City was first made for PC And Buy 17 million People in One Day. GTA Vice City is a single-player offline game. Now GTA Vice City is available for ps2 ps3 ps4 ps5 and mobile. GTA Vice City APP is Available on the Play Store. 

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Story

The story of GTA Vice City is like this when Tommy was 17 years old. Tommy joins a gang in which his Boss's name is Sonny Forelli. Tommy does small missions for his boss first. But He also starts doing big missions for his boss, due to which he becomes the special man of his boss Forelli. Because of Tommy's rising fame Now Tommy's boss is afraid. That's why he sends some people to kill Tommy. But Tommy survives by killing them all. For killing them all, Tommy is caught by the police and he gets the death penalty. Tommy comes back from prison after 15 years due to a lack of evidence. Tommy takes revenge on his boss after he returns and becomes the King of Vice City.

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