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Tekken 1 Plus Android Mobile Game

Tekken 1 game released by Namco company on 1995. This is the first game in the Tekken series. Namco is a Japanese company. 8 Characters is available in Tekken 1 game. You can play the game by selecting any Characters of your choice.  The Tekken 1 game was first released in Japan and the US. after which it was released in other countries. Tekken 1 game you get for PC and Mobile. 

How to Play and Install Tekken 1 for Android Mobile

Tekken 1 android is a fantastic fighting game you can Play and install on your Android mobile device. Tekken 1 Game is available on various devices but is especially popular on Android devices. Here are the steps To Play Tekken 1 Game on your Android mobile:

1. Open on your Android mobile device.

2. Search for "Tekken 1" and tap on the first result that appears. It will take you to the Tekken 1 page on the Gamer Flirty Website.

3. On the Tekken 1 page, tap on the "Get File" button. Tekken 1 Game Downloading Starts.

4. Once the process is complete, you can launch Tekken 1 from the App drawer on your Android mobile device.

Tekken 1 Story Explained

Many people must have played Tekken 1 game but no one will know outside its story. So in this article we will talk about the Story of Tekken 1 Game. Tekken 1 Story is such that it has this Heihachi. which you all must know, this is the boss of this game. Heihachi has a son whose name is Kazuya. Heihachi throws it down a mountain to check how much power it has. After which Heihachi leaves from there and adopts lee. lee As a son shows in front of the whole world. 

After 20 years Heihachi organizes a tournament in which he invites players from all over the world. He Knows If His Son Kazuya Will Be Alive Then He Will Participate In Tournaments. Exactly the same happens. Kazuya takes part in this tournament in which he defeats all the players and After that it Fight with its father Heihachi. Kazuya defeats his father. And then it throws its father down the same mountain. If you play Tekken 1 game then you will get all this story there.

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