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Tekken 3 was first made in 1997 for the Arcade Emulator. It was also released on PS1 in 1998. But now it is available for PS2 PS3 PS4 and Xbox. You Can Play Tekken 3 On Mobile And Laptop. Tekken 3 was made by the company of Japanese. In Tekken 3 you get a total of 23 players. In these players, you get two Boss, one of whom is the Ogre and the other is True Ogre. You can see both the bosses in the final stage.  There is a total of 10 Stages in Tekken 3. in which you get Different players on each stage with whom you fight. Tekken 3 is now also available for Android phones. 

 Tekken 3 Story

The story of Tekken 3 is similar to what we saw in Tekken 2. Heihachi ends Kazuya and takes her revenge.  There's an attack on Mishima's Soldiers. All soldiers die only one soldier stays alive. The soldier who Alive tells the Heihachi that those who attacked him, his name is Ogre. Heihachi now wants to catch Ogar for his own benefit. Apart from this, martial arts players start disappearing from all over the world. Heihachi understands that it is doing the Ogar. Jun's son is born whose name is Jin. Jun gives martial arts training to her son. Ogar attack Jun. Seeing the attack on his mother, Jin also attacks Ogar to save his mother. Ogar makes Jin faint. When Jin gets it, His house is burning and his mother is missing from there. Jin goes to his grandfather Heihachi to Revenge from Ogar. Heihachi gives martial arts training to Jin. After 4 years the taken3 tournament is announced. in which Ogar participates. After this, there is a fight between Ogar and Jin. Jin defeats Ogar to avenge his mother. And Jin becomes the champion of the Tekken 3 tournament.

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