Grand Theft Auto 2 Game - GTA 2 Game

Grand Theft Auto 2 Game - GTA 2 Game

 GTA 2 game was Create by Rockstar company in 2000. After much success with GTA 1, the company decided to create a game even better than GTA 1. In GTA 2 game, you get better graphics and better controls than the GTA 1. GTA 2 is a single-player and offline game. In GTA 2 you also get a lot of missions. Which is very advanced and difficult. So you will enjoy playing this GTA 2 game a lot.  

GTA 2 is an open-world game where you can get everything like a car bike hospital and many more. Most of the missions in GTA 2 are robbery type. so you have to do a Robbery, then the police chase you and you have to escape from the police and go to a safe place. In starting only this game was released for ps1. but now this game is available for all Devices like PS2 PS3 PS4 XBOX PC and Mobiles.

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