GTA 3 game was created by DMA Design Company And it was published by Rockstar games company in 2001. Grand Theft Auto 3 is the third game in the Grand Theft Auto series. gta 1 and  gta 2 is 2D game but gta 3 is 3d game. So that's why GTA 3 game got more fame. GTA 3 characters and missions are very amazing.  it's graphic you get Ultra HD.  You get the GTA 3 game from the play store, you can get it from there. Install GTA 3 APP on your mobile and play the game easily. 

Story of GTA 3

The story of GTA 3 is such that Claude and his girlfriend rob the bank. As they leave after robbing the bank. Claude's girlfriend attacks Claude and shoots Claude. But Claude survives. but the police catch him. Claude gets 10 years in prison. Claude walks into the police van and There are also some other prisoners in the police van. Some people attack the police van and take all the prisoners with them. He joins all the prisoners in his team. And make the biggest gang in the city. But Claude has to take revenge on his girlfriend. Claude becomes a very rich man by completing many missions. One Day Claude finds out where his girlfriend is. Claude attacks there and kills his girlfriend. And so Claude takes revenge on his girlfriend. The story of GTA 3 ends here.

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