GTA 4 Story - Grand Theft Auto 4 Game

GTA 4 Story - Grand Theft Auto 4 Game

 GTA 4 2008 was made by the Rockstar company. GTA 4 is an open-world game where you get to discover New York City. In GTA 4, you get a real-life experience, you can also come and go shopping, apart from this you get many missions. You get a lot of cars and You get a lot of people. GTA 4 was made for laptop Xbox Ps2 Ps4 but it is not released for mobile yet. Grand Theft Auto 4 is an adventure and action game. The Main Character of This Game is Niko Belic.

Story of GTA 4

Talking about GTA 4 game, the story of GTA 4 is like this whose main Character is Niko Belic. Niko moves to Liberty City to escape its enemy. In Liberty City, it has a Cousin named Roman. Roman is a taxi driver. Both Roman and Niko join a gang where they get many missions. They are given money on completing the mission. So roman and Niko get very rich. Along with completing the mission. They become enemies, after which both Roma and Niko together eliminate their enemies and become the king of Liberty City. You must have seen all this in GTA 4.

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