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Metal Slug 2 game

Metal Slug 2 Game Develop by SNK Company in 1998. More new features were added to the Metal Slug 1 and it was named Metal Slug 2. Initially, Metal Slug 2 was created only for PC but with time it has been made for all other platforms PS2 PS4 Xbox and Android as well. Now Metal Slug 2 APP is also available. That's why you can play the game by installing it on any of your Android mobiles. There was only one player in Metal Slug One, but 4 players have been added to it by updating this game. you can play the game by selecting any of your favorite plays. Metal Slug 2's boss is very different from this  Metal Slug 1. 

Metal Slug 2 Game Story

Something like this happens in the story of Metal Slug 2 that Marco is a very special guy from General Modern. He is given a mission to Marco. Marco goes to the enemy and assures him that he will work for him. General Moderns' enemies believe him and take him with them. Marco joins the enemy's team, after which Marco keeps an eye on them to see what they want to do next. In this way, the Marco com knows about all the enemy planes, which easily thwart the enemies' plans. all this happens in the Metal Slug 2 Game, so the whole story is shown in it.

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