Download Metal Slug 1 for Android - Metal Slug apk offline Game

Metal Slug Game

Metal Slug is a Japanese game released by NAZCA Corporation in 1996. Metal Slug is an army mission game. Yes, you get a soldier named Marco, who is your own player. simple you have to select Marco, after that the game starts, after that some of your enemies come in front of you. Some Soldier Are Enemy. some are tanks and some are helicopters. you have to end them and move forward. At the end of each stage, you get a boss which is very dangerous, you finish it and complete the stage of the game. This game is very old but this game is also very much fun, definitely enjoy by trying of metal slug 1. 

Metal Slug Game Story

Talking about Metal Slug 1 story, in 2023, General Modern's wife and her child are attacked. as a result of which both of them are killed. When General Modern comes to know about this. he goes mad with anger, he prepares an army to take revenge on his enemies. First, he finds out who his enemy is, then he prepares one of his special men. Marco, to attack them. Macro is a very special guy from General Modern. The general model sends Morocco to the enemy's bases, after that you must have seen in the game that wherever others pass. many enemies come in their way, these enemies have some helicopters and some people and many different. In the Metal Slug game, you must have seen that as the Game progresses, the enemy comes fast in front of it. apart from this, it also frees many prisoners.